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Tsitsikamma to Tataouine Expedition

The world’s second biggest continent, 54 countries, a continent of mystery and intrigue, of immense beauty and promise.  Its also the place I call home.  Africa has always inspired me, always tempting me with the promise of adventure.  But for so many people across the world Africa is nothing more than poverty, war, disease and corruption, and I am passionate about encouraging people to see Africa differently, because this is not the Africa I know.  The best way we (my hubby and my best mate) can think of to right this wrong is to answer the call to adventure, exploring our great continent and smashing stereotypes along the way.

How we will do this? We’re going to drive from Tsitsikamma in South Africa to Tataouine in Tunisia, touching all 4 sides of the African continent and 3 of the cardinal points and passing from the most southern tip at Cape Agulhas to the most northern tip at Ras Ben Sakka . This expedition will take us 153 days and through 23 countries throughout Africa. By the end of our adventure we would have driven almost 30 000km.

Along the way we want to change more than perceptions though. We also want to ensure that we leave a long-term and sustainable difference in each country that we visit. We will do this by planting two school food gardens in each country we travel through – that’s 44 gardens in total. We will also be living on US$1.25 for a day in 6 capital cities along route to explore and better understand the most commonly used definition of poverty, its usefulness in a continent with such a strong informal economic sector and possible alternatives.

You can follow our journey on Facebook or Twitter (@T2T_Trace, @T2T_Matt & @T2T_Ishtar). Our website will be up and running soon so watch this space:)

T2T infographic 2